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Express Courier a Bordo


This is a specialized service for shipments that require special care and maximum speed while still handling it with special care. This service consists of sending a specialized agent from LTD anywhere in the world with the shipment as luggage to have full control over it, avoiding intermediaries (customs-airlines). This allows full control of the shipment.


The specialized agent delivers or picks up the shipment according to the customer’s conditions. This shipment must meet all legal conditions for it to be dispatched. This service category applies to picking merchandise up outside of the country or from Colombia to anywhere in the world.


Why make shipments through Express Courier On-board?


» Comfort: The shipment goes through no difficult processes that hinder delivery, nor does it have the brokers a shipment usually goes through.


» Peace of mind: Shipments travel safely, always with someone alongside the shipment, which prevents unauthorized modifications or openings that may harm it.


» Speed: The shipment will quickly arrive to the final destination because it needs to customs processes, nor does it depend on other shipments that may slow down delivery.


» Experience: We have more than 5 years of experience in this kind of logistics services for special merchandise.


» Legality: LTD Express will use all the necessary supporting documentation for the shipment, which can include the commercial invoice, delivery order and other documents that may facilitate transporting the merchandise on a commercial airplane.

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