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Ground Courier


This is the alternative for exporting small batches to the United States (except Miami) under the courier category at low costs without the need for customs brokerage in Colombia and with a maximum delivery time of 6 business days.


Why make shipments through Ground Courier? 

» Personalized advisory services: LTD provides support with a commercial executive with expertise in foreign trade, giving you access to the advantages of the free trade agreement with the United States.


» Cost reduction: Customs brokerage is avoided because shipments are made under the Postal Traffic and Urgent Shipments category.

» Transit times: The reduction in times under the courier category prevents cost overruns due to storage, handling, customs processes and unnecessary risks.

» Pick-up at a sender’s address: We pick up your shipments at no cost in Bogotá and at a small additional cost around the country. We also receive packages sent to our facilities in Bogotá with prepaid freight charges through a national transportation company of your choosing.

» Delivery at a recipient’s address: All our shipments are delivered to the place indicated by the customer throughout the United States. 


» Tracking: You can track your shipment in real time with its guide number from receipt until final delivery because of our PACTRACK information network. 


» Speed of delivery: Our international courier service allows quick release and subsequent delivery to the destination. 


» Proof of delivery: Our shipments include a record of the date and time of delivery when received abroad.


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